Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Talk Dirty to Men

Dirty talk is a type of pillow talk. You use vivid words to augment sexual enjoyment before and during the lovemaking.

Talking dirty to men can be anything from giving him insults, vivid images using slang words, to whispering curse expressions to your guy's ear.

If you feel timid about it, don't be; only the two of you who will be aware of it.

The more you'll let go, the better you will be. Your couple's life should be hot and wild. It's a form of 'sense of adventure' that you are giving to your guy.

You might say that you are a 'good girl' and you don't do those things. Well here is my take on this; if you have preferences in bed, and your spouse is giving enough to fulfill them, maybe I can do my part.

Some guys find it makes them hornier. You can harvest the rewards from this lover's game. It makes you feel sexier because you are seeing your man enjoy himself due to your influence. You are providing your guy more excitement.

Lovemaking is at its best when you let go; abandon yourself to the other person is a joyful experience.
Some women use this not only in the bedroom, but in their husband's e-mail or work's voice mail.

Your guy gets excited to get home and gives you a nice 'reward'.

What is the top thing to say when talking dirty to men?

1. Tell him what you're wearing under your clothing.
2. Put on sexy lingerie and give him a tiny peek when he first sees you. It'll drive him mad to want to see more of your outfit all night...until you allow him to see more.
3. Leave him a voice message when he is away
4. at a gathering
5. at your parent's house when you go by him
6. right before parting for work
7. Email him some sassy notes
8. Fax it to him
9. Throw hot little texts on his cell phone while is at a sports game with his buddies

It will heat up if you are talking dirty to men at unusual places like:

1. Your parent's house
2. at the food store
3. at church?...ok...ok...after church

When is the most excellent timing for this during lovemaking?

From the mid to the end.

You start by telling a physical move that he has made to you and that you had enjoyed. Don't worry about feeling embarrassed; he will be more paying attention in the images that you are creating in his imagination.

Are you concerned that you won't be excellent at this?

Guys are not hard to light up. It doesn't take a great deal for them to get turned on.

If you feel uncomfortable, get some help with a glass or two of wine... Just to break the ice. But please! Don't develop a drinking problem!

Having trouble 'getting it up'? Talking dirty to men might be able to help.

Use this once in a while; they can get too enthusiastic to this. in addition, some men can be a bit turned off or uncomfortable with you unexpectedly starting to talk dirty to them.

You can propose to him to do the alike and it will balance the dynamics.

You can get swear words at the Urban dictionary. It is a slang dictionary. You'll be able to get different variations of a slang word.

For instance, let's find a variation of breast; there is boobie, nipples, boobs, funbags, just to show a few. Use it to your imagination. Have fun!
How to Talk Dirty to Men by Caroline Therancy

Make Your Ex Miss You in 4 Easy Steps

After a relationship crumbles sooner than you would like, you might find yourself thinking and missing your ex like crazy. Making your ex miss you and winning your ex back does not need to be complicated, but it does require you to have the right frame of mind. Instead of thinking about 'wanting them back' or how to 'win them over', consider thinking they already miss you. They really DO want you back. They really just want to test you to see how you really feel about them. Remember, adopt empowering thinking and in time they will 'truly' miss you.

Here are the 4 easy steps you need to follow:

Step 1:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The first easy way to make your ex miss you is to disappear completely. They will definitely miss you, even if it's only out of curiosity.

Step 2:

If disappearing is out of the question, make yourself scarce instead. Your ex will probably expect you to wallow around depressed over them, so you need to become elusive. Get active. Go out a lot. Be seen everywhere having fun or at least looking like you are fine with the break up. You don't need to start dating people, although you could if you really want. Just don't expect making your ex jealous will automatically make them come back to you.

Step 3:

By this stage, the message you want your ex to have is you are no longer accessible to them. They broke up with you so they are no longer entitled to all your attention and energy. However, NEVER appear spiteful, rude or vindictive. You still want to show your ex you care about them. Your actions have nothing to do with wanting them back or wanting to make them jealous.

Step 4:

The few times you do get to talk to your ex, make sure you appear upbeat and happy to see them. This shouldn't be hard. Just think about how much you miss seeing and talking to them. They will see you still care about them and if they start looking for you, this means you've succeeded in making them miss you!

So now that your ex is probably missing you like crazy, wondering where you are, what you could be doing, why you're having so much fun without them. How do you get them back without accidentally saying or doing the wrong things that could push them further away?

Once your ex is missing you, there are certain things you can say that will make them fall in love with you again. They will think of you as a prospective partner and this will happen whether they have someone new or not.

Make Your Ex Miss You in 4 Easy Steps by Katie Wang

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is the True Meaning of Love in a Relationship

Can anyone define the true meaning of love in a relationship? People often use the word 'love' casually in everyday conversation. 'I love this house. I love my dog. I love to grow vegetables.' What does this really mean? When we use this word so often does its meaning become watered down so it has less impact? Different people may define love in different ways.

Could love be defined as simply to want and hope the best for someone?  This is fairly simplistic and not very deep.  If this was the definition of love can it explain the deep emotional bond that two people have with each other; those that commit themselves to one another for a lifetime?  Not likely.  You can want and hope the best for dozens of people that you know.  Does this mean you are 'in love' with them?  This may be too simple to define the true meaning of love in a relationship.

If you say you are in love with someone does that bring forth certain assumptions about your feelings for that person?  When people say they are in love we assume that they care for, share with and trust the other person.  Are these three things the basis for defining love?

Sometimes that fine line between friendship and love becomes difficult to distinguish.  Think about the different aspects of the definition of love that I've listed already - to want and hope the best for someone; to care for, share with and trust someone.  These things could define friendship as well, couldn't they?  If we use the same words to define love and friendship then how can we distinguish between the two?

I think the definition of love goes much deeper than what is mentioned above.  These criteria are components of love but they do not fully define it.  There is something else that makes up the true meaning of love in a relationship.  This may be something intangible; a feeling that you have that can't be accurately described in words.  In any relationship you can develop and work on the caring, sharing and trust.  You can't force that special feeling that you have when you are truly in love with someone.  It's either there or it isn't. 

What is the True Meaning of Love in a Relationship by Peter Harris

Will My Girlfriend Give Me Another Chance- Tips on Getting Your Girlfriend Back

Will your girlfriend give you another chance? The answer is simple. Yes, she will! But only when you follow certain steps effectively. So, what I'm going to share with you are some tips on getting your girlfriend back. That way, you'll have a clear answer to your question, 'will my girlfriend give me another chance'.

Whatever your circumstance is with your girlfriend, if you take the right steps, you can get her back. It may not be easy at first and it may not be quick and fast, but be patient. If she's worth it, you'll do whatever it takes to get her back and win her love back.

The first thing you should do to get your girlfriend to give you another chance is to reduce contact with her and agree with the breakup. I know this may seem counter productive, but hear me out. When you agree to the breakup, she'll be surprise. She may be breaking up with you to prove a point or to make you jealous.

So, by agreeing to the breakup, you'll shock her. This is highly effective at getting your girlfriend back.

What you want to do when telling her you agree with the breakup is to be calm and collected. You want to play it as freedom for you. Almost like it's a good thing that you two are breaking up.

If you're pass this point of talking to your girlfriend or if she won't answer your phone calls, send her a hand-written letter. Inside the letter you want to let your girlfriend know that she's right about the breakup and that you're ok with it.

This is your opening move. And will be extremely help at getting her to give you another chance.

While waiting for her response, go out and have fun. Call up some of your friends and go out. You don't need to be in the house, sitting around waiting. Once she gets your letter, she'll call you or write you back.

These are a couple ways of getting your girlfriend back. Use these tips to get your girlfriend to give you another chance.

Will My Girlfriend Give Me Another Chance- Tips on Getting Your Girlfriend Back by Tony Smith

How to Make Your Boyfriend Love You More - Relationship Advice For Women

Learning how to make your boyfriend love you more is something virtually all women yearn for. It's not uncommon to be in a relationship with a man and to feel that you love him considerably more than he loves you. These feelings often develop if you sense that the emotional connection between you two isn't balanced. Perhaps he doesn't say he loves you as often as you do or he doesn't show it in the ways you want. There are things you can do to get him to fall deeper in love with you and they're both easy and effective.

Knowing how to make your boyfriend love you more starts with understanding exactly what appeals to men. Regardless of how old a man is or how long he's been in a relationship he wants one thing and that's to be accepted and loved by his woman. He wants to feel as though your love makes him a better man. You can ensure this happens with your boyfriend by telling him how much you value him and showing him how much you need him. Ask him to help you with things and then show your gratitude when he does. If he feels like your knight in shining armor, he'll treat you like a queen forever.

You can also create a deeper bond with the man you loveby giving him his freedom. As women, it's so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to keep our boyfriends as close to us as possible. Most of us deal with insecurities and those can translate into tension within the relationship. If you nag your boyfriend about his desire to want to hang out with his friends, he's going to start to resent you. Knowing how to make your boyfriend love you more includes understanding that he needs time to himself to pursue his own interests. If you can show him that you trust him and you feel confident that he loves you, he'll find you completely irresistible.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Love You More - Relationship Advice For Women by Gillian Reynolds

Friday, November 30, 2012

Long Distance Relationships: How to Keep the Love Alive

Is your long distance relationship thriving...or just surviving? Are you madly in love with someone but cannot find a way to live in the same city? How do you support your relationship when you have very real physical distance between you?

I have seen couples fall apart because they could not sustain their relationship due to the distance between them, and I have seen others who find creative, romantic ways to keep the love alive. I know people who had a long distance relationship for years, complained about it, and finally got together in the same city, only to break up months after they lived near each other. Some people have long distance relationships and like it that way. And some couples don't like the distance at all, but manage to still stay close. How do they do that?

Here are some of the challenges that exist when you have an out-of-town romance, and what you can do about it:

* Commitment
If you have just met, take care to spend enough time to truly know each other before you get in a committed relationship. There is no substitute for face-to-face communication. You need to meet each other's friends, family, and co-workers. You need to experience good times and stressful ones together. Once you do, decide what your expectations are for your relationship. Be open and honest. How much commitment are you willing to give each other? This clarity is important to minimize misunderstanding.

* Trust
Once you can determine if you are both on the same level of investment in the relationship, trust and honesty become paramount to the success of your future. These elements are at the heart of all lasting unions, but distance challenges the security of your connection.

* Communication
Be dedicated to the way you stay in touch. Phone calls, emails, and chatting on-line are important. Set up a regular time to visit with each other, building a routine. But add some surprises such as, homemade videos, collected poems put in a special book, or self-decorated greeting cards. Stretch your imagination further with a lock of your hair in a unique box; an absorbent piece of cloth with your perfume or after-shave scent; your favorite flower, pressed and framed. If the other person does not call often, make time for you, or send appropriate communications, do not hang on. Let go and get on with your life.

* Plan your reunions.
Decide where to meet, how often, and how you want to spend the time when you see each other. Be very clear about what your expectations are for the time you have together. This is where many relationships break down. His idea of the perfect weekend could be sitting in front of the TV with her at his side, watching football. Hers could be visiting friends, attending a romantic movie, and later sharing secrets of the heart. He may expect her to cook his dinner; she may expect him to take her out. We all have old scripts that play out in new relationships, and unless we communicate what we want from each other, this is a recipe for misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Finally, decide how long you want to live apart, and set a date for the move. It is true that when one of you moves to the other one's town, you are taking a risk. However, most people say that even when it doesn't work out, at least they gave love a chance. They didn't want to spend their life longing to be somewhere else, continuing--a long distance relationship.

Long Distance Relationships: How to Keep the Love Alive by Tonja Weimer

Important Alpha Male Tips to Attract Women

Before we can lay out the tips, it is important that we are clear on exactly what an alpha male actually is. Contrary to popular internet belief, they are not the ones who are loudest, rudest and obnoxious men on the block. They don't usually start fights or try to try to intimidate other guys around them. That guy is just an everyday common bully, and next to a real alpha, he comes across as just insecure and a bit sad.

If you really want to be on the top of your game, I'll give you some tips to help you get there, but you'll have to be willing to leave behind any dating 'tricks' you may have tried in the past and look at things from a totally different perspective. Now let's get started.

In animals, there is no confusion about who is the alpha, because the order of the group is entirely determined by genes. The male that is the biggest, strongest and healthiest in the herd will be the alpha. Luckily for all of us, the 'human animal' has evolved past this stage, and developed a new criteria for what it means to be an alpha male.

First of all, our society doesn't have one type of alpha that is the single ruler of everything. This is important to realize, because it makes things easier for you. I recently read an article in which the writer used the example of how in some environments, the alpha male would be different depending on what you were measuring by. It could be the president if you measured political power; it could be the head of the military if you measured 'muscle' power; or it could be the richest man in the country if you measured financial power.

It is important to understand that you don't have to strive to be 'the' alpha male, but rather 'an' alpha male. In human society, you don't need to concern yourself too much with the other males around you; you don't have to compete with them to be an alpha, you only need to focus on what you are doing.

The best alpha male tips to attract women all involve building up your confidence. The alpha is completely comfortable in his own skin. He doesn't make excuses for who he is; he doesn't feel the need to prove to anyone how tough he is; and he certainly doesn't need to compete with or intimidate other guys. Why? Simple; he doesn't feel threatened by them.

In human culture, a confident leader doesn't need to fight for attention; he naturally has the attention of others and he doesn't feel insecure if someone else is in the spotlight.

Women are always drawn to the alpha male, not because of the way he looks or his cocky behavior, but because he radiates confidence and control. He makes women feel safe and protected. The guy who beats up other guys in bars doesn't -- women see guys like this as 'loose canons,' and they doesn't inspire confidence in those around him.

If you start working on your confidence you'll have a big advantage over most other guys out in the dating scene. Feeling confident always comes from within and never from outside of you. The better you feel in your own skin, the closer you are to becoming an alpha male.

Accepting both your strengths and weaknesses equally will lead to this kind of confidence. And here's one the best alpha male tips you can learn: if you adopt confident behavior, you will quickly learn to 'feel' confident internally. In other words: 'fake it 'til you make it.'

So hold your head up high and 'model' the behavior of other confident males. This is the easiest way to 'become' an alpha yourself.

Important Alpha Male Tips to Attract Women by Jon Mercer